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Prayer of the Institute

Meeting God in prayer and in people gives us strength and direction in mission



Prayer of the RSHM Institute

God, Father and Mother of infinite love
we praise you!

Help us to assume our commitment
of fidelity to the mission of Christ
in the Church of today
as it leads the way
in defense of the oppressed.
Make us sensitive to the needs
Of your people.
Mark us with the fidelity of Gailhac.

May our presence
be a constant revelation
of love and joy
- as was Mary’s – woman of faith and hope.
Make us grow, Lord, in true zeal,
capable of transforming the world.

May our hearts discover you
in the Scriptures, in the breaking of bread
and in the service of others.

Strengthened and united in love
we want as individuals, and as an Institute,
to be a testimony to the world
that you are Father and Mother
and that we are sisters and brothers
in your Son, Jesus Christ.


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