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Main Milestones over the two years of the Core Group’s existence:

















Colette Kearney, Patrick Black, Sr Kathleen O’Donovan, Sue Black, Ruth Long and Sr Moira Lever

Extended Family Core Group NEP 



  • The first meeting of the Core Group in 2004, with its input on the inspiration for, and birth of the Extended Family.
  • The Newsletter, designed above all to be a means of communication, and also to share information, to develop awareness of what the EF is - and to raise questions!
  • The Extended Family Day on 13th November 2005 – the range of participation and outreach was truly encouraging.
  • Perhaps not a “milestone” as such, but we regard the ongoing growth and development of the Core Group as being very significant.
  • “What is different about Extended Family?”   The realisation that collaboration between the sisters and lay people can be more deliberate and intentional than it may sometimes have been in the past.   Mention is frequently made of the 150th Anniversary celebrations – and how in a time of declining vocations many RSHM members were affirmed in their work by the numbers of lay people attending and their positive response.   As a result, many of those involved expressed the wish to continue and develop contact and collaboration.
  • Visits to Béziers and Noddfa, which were formative experiences, not least because of the life and spirit within the groups.



Key Learnings:


  • To be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • To be ready to listen, and learn what is needed – we see the Provincial Chapter as a prime opportunity for this.
  • To be open to the many ways in which Extended Family can express itself.
  • To use the Guidelines booklet as a basis for our actions.



Points for the Future:


  • The Guidelines booklet provides the ideal vehicle for the encouragement and future development of Extended Family.
  • To be guided by the direction and pointers which the Provincial Chapter will provide as to how we move forward with Extended Family.
  • To develop communication and networking further, in promoting the ideals of EF.



Core Group:    Patrick & Sue Black, Colette Kearney, Sr Moira Lever, Ruth Long, Sr Kathleen O’Donovan                                 [06/10/2006]