The SHM Extended Family (SHM EF) embraces all those who identify with the spirit of the RSHM and who want « to share in the life-giving mission of Jesus Christ » (RSHM Mission Statement)






The members of the SHM EF are women and men who desire :

  • to deepen their relationship with the RSHM for mutual enrichment
  • to deepen their understanding of the charism of Jean Gailhac and the history and mission of the RSHM Institute
  • to deepen their understanding of the challenges of the Church today and the RSHM Institute’s focus on justice, peace and the integrity of creation, promoting “the life and the dignity of all our sisters and brothers”. (RSHM MS)

The members of the SHM EF

  • make use of Scripture, Church documents, RSHM Sources and other writings in order to deepen and share spirituality
  • participate in local and international RSHM gatherings as appropriate 
  • collaborate where possible and appropriate with RSHM in their ministries. 

The SHM EF today, like Jean Gailhac and the first sisters, seek to respond to God’s call to continue the life-giving mission of Jesus in a spirit of communion, collaboration and exchange of gifts. Their model in this is Mary, first disciple, “who cooperated most faithfully in the work of the redemption” (RSHM Constitutions 3), through the birthing and nurturing of her son, Jesus, who came “that all may have life”.