Presentation to the Provincial Chapter

Action for justice is integral to our mission.

Fidelity to the spirit of our founder Father Jean Gailhac and our foundress, Mother St. Jean Pelissier Cure, commits us to work against the forces that destroy life.
The most recent general chapter calls us to deepen our commitment to evangelical justice by working towards a positive form of globalization—one of concern, solidarity, and hope.
Because women and children are those most affected by the negative aspects of globalization, they are the focus of our action for justice.
Through the RSHM Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Network (JPIC) we build links across continents and oceans and use our potential as an international institute to create better relationships among people and reverence for creation.






Srs Ellen O’Leary, Therese Marie Potelle, Teresina O’Byrne and Dorothy Ward

The 2001 General Chapter Statement calls us to deepen our commitment to evangelical justice by working towards an alternative form of globalization. In order to do this, we recommit ourselves to the development of a RSHM Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Network (JPIC) The JPIC Network like an "antennae" receiving and transmitting information facilitates effective action. The Provincial JPIC Team developed strategies so that each sister is aware that she is an integral part of the JPIC Network.

* We enhanced JPIC communication, strenthening "good links between general provincial and local levels"

* We develop strategies to involve family, friends, co-ministers, SHM EF , JPIC reflection/action.

* We worked with the sisters of the province in education, reflexion and action about the issue of trafficking in human persons.

* We collaborate with other groups working for JPIC at global, national and local levels.


Thérèse Marie Potelle