Formation Report to Provincial Chapter 2





On-going formation is an important element in the life of the RSHM sisters.




FORMATION TEAM - Mary Jo McElroy (2000- 2006) Marie France Correau (2000- 2006), Mary Eithne Kissane (2000- 2003) Pam Penkert (2000- 2003), Breda Byrne (2003-2006), Kathleen McCartan (2003-2006).



From the beginning we had to work out what it meant taking on responsibility for Initial and On-going Formation. One of the most worth- while things we did was to visit all communities, listening to needs and expectations. We based our planning on suggestions we received and on themes from Provincial and General Chapters:


a)      Spirituality in a Globalized World     b) Women and Children.


It was important to us to have meetings and contact with the Provincial council to discuss what we were doing and plan together, so we were working in conjunction with what they were planning and not multiplying events or reading material.

We also tried to use existing structures (e.g. age group meetings, Exchange)

We were in contact with the National Formation teams in each country and took part in the RSHM International Formation meeting in Sète.





             Creative Week

§         Charism- Myra Poole

§         Bérulle School of Spirituality

§         Diarmuid OMurchu

§         Kathleen Connell- Women and Children in Gailhac’s time and today

§         Ellen Marie Keane– continuation of theme of women / Paris meeting

§         Exchange and articles




During our time there was only one person in Formation, Margaret Lee. Her Final profession was a major event for us. We thank those who helped with the display which was on show in Bellshill and in Upminster (after the Mass for the School and Parish).

Our concern with Vocation Awareness led us to a path of sharing in reflection and activity with the Portuguese Province.  We planned a week for youth in Béziers, which was a learning experience for us. We tried to involve communities in this process- asking for suggestions and to invite young people, sharing in the preparation and  prayer for those who took part (especially sisters in the Care communities) We are very grateful to the sisters in the Mother House community, who made it possible and to the sisters who came to participate.


We put a lot of reflection and time into the setting up and preparation of material for the Inter-community reflection groups, which started in September 04. These were only possible with the collaboration from the network of leaders for the different areas.





Team work


Importance of meeting each other


Responding to suggestions

Sharing our RSHM story





As we are finishing, we recommend that the new team should continue to be responsible for both Initial and On-going Formation.

Awareness of the need to learn from others (including youth).

Whatever structure we create or keep, it should encourage the open and mutually enriching conversation that we experienced in the inter-community groups (We think it would be good to reflect in ministry groups)

We believe all teams in the Province should work together.

We should support the International structure for Initial Formation (e.g. welcoming sisters from other Provinces for their International experience).