JPIC News June/July

The Millennium Group Sisters, meeting at Marino Conference Centre from 5-7 May, were blessed with wonderful weather and comfortable accommodation. We soon got to grips with the complexity of sleeping, dining and Conference Rooms, which were well dispersed and a challenge for the “hip and knee” club! We were sixteen in all and were delighted to welcome Anne (Murphy), Patrice and Philippa among us.

Beyond Boundaries there be Monsters!

Our first presentation was creatively illustrated in music and image by Anne in her synthesis of Marie Chin's address to the General Chapter. Anne led us in exploring the Chapter theme: transcending Boudaries for the sake of mission.

Our desires, like ‘nudges’ from God that may disturb complacency, involve action: working together, digging deep, enkindling, making room, welcoming, finding new images, symbols and myths to express a right relationship with God, ourselves and creation.

We are encouraged to dig in our “Gospel heels” to transform boundaries into meeting places where grace unfold because‘at the edges of our borders, God waits . . .’

This résumé was set within a framework of prayer:

opening with a reflection on Ps 139 set to music,
words and unforgettable images and ending with 'The Deer’s Cry' in similar setting.

The final words, “I Arise Today”, provided a significant inspiration and invitation to dig in our ‘Gospel heels’.



Kathleen O'Keeffe and Agnes Hunt